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Thursday, April 06, 2006
  Beijing - Jiang-Pei - Peking
Flash Slideshow 10-15 March-Beijing
dada aapnar kaaj dekhlaam. onek bhalo laglo...khoob phata phati case lagche. bhogoban aapnaar ke aar shokti debe, sheyi aamaar prayer... :) laga bas...firangio ki faad rahe hona...bahut achche...
travelling through a molecular monopoly of peculiar men, machines and dialogue, in a vastness of creation.
one, then two then so many you's and i's and us and them. wandering in a desert in search of it all when it never was that easy to find and never will be. then again we will search, what are they building in the great cities of tommorow. where will it all be, nothing great at the moment. the moment waits, there seems to be confusion and distinguished melancholy in a flurry of nothingness where its all a double of itself, doubt, ambiguity and patience have been replaced with this assurance and arrogance, foolish pride....architecture has lost itself...at the present moment. i like the elliptical church best.
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